The Difference

Sarasota Memorial was one of only 63 hospitals nationwide to earn “high performing” ratings —  the top rating — in all nine inpatient surgical procedures and chronic conditions evaluated by US News and World Reports. Just 102 of the 4,599 hospitals evaluated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services earned the fed’s first-ever 5-Star rating for overall quality and safety. We are one of two hospitals in  Florida to receive this recognition from CMS.

The following are 5 key points of differentiation:

SMH strives to meet the needs of all members of our community eliminating the need to travel beyond our boundaries to receive the latest and best care.   As always we work to exceed expectations of care when needed by our patients and their families.

  • SMH is a Level 2 Trauma Center – the first and only Trauma Center in Sarasota Co.   We have cared for more than 3000 patients since receiving our certification by the State of Florida in May 2015.  That first hour of care is crucial to achieving best outcomes so by having a Trauma Center within Sarasota County has saved countless lives and improved the lives of thousands by SMH providing this critical service to our community.
  •  Sarasota Memorial also is the only provider of essential safety-net services that other hospitals in the county have chosen not to offer, including maternity services, neonatal intensive care, pediatric services and psychiatric care for patients of all ages. Should our youngest and most vulnerable patients require critical care, they are able to stay at SMH because we have a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit staffed by the world-class Johns Hopkins All Children’s neonatologists. We also employ Johns Hopkins All Children’s pediatricians to provide specialized care in our Pediatric Unit.
  • We offer the latest technologic care provided by some of the most advanced trained physicians in the country.  Just a few:
    • Cardiovascular Care – Our Cardiac Surgeons and Cardiologists provide robotic and open heart surgery, minimally invasive valve surgery, including TAVR, trans aortic valve replacement.
    • Stroke and Brain aneurysms –  our fellowship trained neurointerventional radiologist provides delicate stenting and coiling procedures when seconds count.
    • Cancer Surgery –  using our robotic technology our many oncologist surgeons provide the most advanced care for our GYN, GI and Urology cancer patients.
  • Rehabilitation –  SMH provides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative  care for those needing physical, occupational and or speech therapy by our physicians and therapists specially trained in physical and rehabilitation medicine.